März 2018, Pure Country Workshop Abend

"Hold The Line"

Choreo: Arnaud Marraffa, 32 Count, 4 Wall
Musik: Stuart Moyles - Hold The Line
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"Born To Be Great"  
Choreo: Conrad Farnham, 32 Count, 4 Wall
Musik: Kenny Chesney - Some Town Somewhere
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Januar 2018, Linedance Workshop Abend "Good Start"

"Just A Girl"

Choreo: Séverine Fillion & Arnaud Marraffa, 32 Count, 2 Wall
Musik: Lady Antebellum - Just A Girl
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Choreo: Gabi Ibanez & Paqui Monroy, 32 Count, 4 Wall
Musik: Joey & Rory - All You Need Is Me
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September 2016, Pure Country Workshop Abend

"Holly's Church"
Choreo: Lilly & Mario Hollnsteiner, 64 Count, 4 Wall
Musik: Home Free - My Church
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"Take Me Away"
Choreo: The Dreamers, 64 Count, 2 Wall
Musik: Keith Miles - Road I'm On
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