Tanz Musikvorschlag Count/Wall  
1 & 1 (CCS) Phil Vassar - Amazing Grace 64C - 2W   
14 Reasons (CCS) Lisa McHugh - Feels Like Love 64C - 2W   
16 Bars (CCS) Connor Christian & Southern Gothic – 16 Bars 64C - 2W   
A Country Boy (CCS) John Denver - Thank God I'm A Country Boy (Version 3.24min) 68C - 2W   
A Dozen Roses (PT) Kathy Mattea - 18 Wheels And A Dozen Roses 32C   
A Little To Late (CCS) Mark Chesnutt - A Little To Late 64C - 2W  
A1 Jim Reeves - Billy Bayou 24C - 4W   
Achy Breaky Heart Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky Heart 24C - 4W   
Ain`t Going Down Garth Brooks - Ain't Goin' Down ('Til The Sun Comes Up) 48C - 2W   
Alive (CCS) Phil Vassar - Love Is Alive 64C - 2W   
Alligator Rock Johnny Earle - Alligator Rock R.O.C.K. Medley 48C - 4W   
Already Gone (CCS) Dallas Smith - I'm Already Gone 64C - 2W  
American Kids Kenny Chesney - American Kids 32C - 4W   
Anthem (CCS) Brett Kissel - Anthem 48C - 2W   
Anything For Love James House - Anything For Love 32C - 4W   
Apple Jack Lisa McHugh - Apple Jack 32C - 4W  
Auctioneer Leroy van Dyke - The Auctioneer 48C - 1W   
Ay Ay Ay (CCS) Brett Kissel - Navajo Rug 64C - 2W   
Beer For My Horses Toby Keith & Willie Nelson - Beer For My Horses 40C - 4W   
Better Together (CCS) Dianna Corcoran - Little Crush 64C - 2W  
Billy's Dance (PT) The Olsen Brothers - San Francisco 48C   
Black Coffee Lacy Dalton - Black Coffee 48C - 4W   
Blue Rose (PT) Pam Tillis - Blue Rose Is     
Bomshel Stomp Bomshel - Bomshel Stomp 48C - 2W   
Bossa Nova Jane McDonald - Blame It On The Bossa Nova 64C - 4W   
Bounty Dean Brody - Bounty 46C - 2W   
Bring Down The House Dean Brody - Bring Down The  House 32C - 4W  
Bullshit (PT) The Bellamy Brothers / I Need More Of You 24C
Butterfly (PT) Alan Jackson - Ain't Your Memory     
Cabo San Lucas Toby Keith - Cabo San Lucas 32C - 4W   
Can Yoe See The Satellite (PT) Will Stevens - Operator Operator     
Canadian Stomp Shania Twain - Any Man Of Mine 36C - 4W   
Cards On The Table Blake Shelton - I'll Name the Dogs 32C - 2W    
Cash Back Rodney Crowell & Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line Revisited 72C - 4W   
C.C.S. David Kersch - If I Never Stop Loving You
Brooks & Dunn - South of Santa Fe
32C - 4W   
Champions Taste (CCS) Home Free – Champagne Taste 32C - 4W   
Chasing Down A Good Time Randy Houser - Chasing Down A Good Time 48C - 2W   
Chattahoochee Alan Jackson - Chattahoochee 48C - 4W   
Chuck & Cowboy Dan Davidson - Found 48C - 2W   
Cinderella (CCS) Lisa Mc Hugh – Hey I’m A Woman 64C - 2W   
Closer Susan Ashton - Closer 32C - 2W   
Coastin Ronan Hardiman - Lord Of The Dance 40C - 4W   
Come Dance With Me (PT) George Strait - I Just Wanna Dance With You 32C - 2W   
Come On And Dance LeAnn Rimes - One Way Ticket 32C - 4W   
Corn Don't Grow Travis Tritt - Where Corn Don't Grow 64C - 4W   
Cotton Pickin' Morning Blake Shelton - Cotton Pickin' Time 32C - 4W   
Country 2 Step Jerry Kilgore - I Just Want My Baby Back 40C - 4W   
Country Strong (CCS) Adam Brand - That Changes Everything 64C - 2W   
Country Walking The Ranch - Walkin' The Country 32C - 4W   
Cowboy Charleston John Michael Montgomery - Sold 16C - 4W  
Cowgirl Twist Vince Gill - What The Cowgirls Do 32C - 4W  
Crazy Foot Mambo Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels - If You Wanna Be Happy 32C - 2W  
Crazy Postman The Carpenters - Please Mr.Postman 32C - 4W  
Cupid Shuffle Carlene Carter - Every little thing 32C - 4W  
Diamond Rings Tim McGraw - Diamond Rings And Old Barstools 28C - 2W  
Dizzy Scooter Lee - Dizzy 32C - 4W  
Dog River Blues Alan Jackson - Dog River Blues 32C - 4W   
Doctor Doctor Bad Case Of Loving You von Robert Palmer 80C - 4W  
Dresden ChaCha jeder ChaCha, Emmylou Harris - Crescent City 32C - 4W
Drinking With Dolly Stephanie Quayle - Drinking With Dolly 32C - 4W  
Electric Slide Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky Heart 18C - 4W  
Fallin' And Flyin' (PT) George Strait - Come On Joe     
Fireflies Derek Ryan - Firefly 32C - 4W   
Fishers Hornpipe David Schnauffer - Fishers Hornpipe 32C - 4W  
Flobie Slide Toby Keith - A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action 32C - 2W  
Foot Boogie Tractors - Baby Likes To Rock It 32C - 2W  
Foxy Girl The Derailers - Bad Bad Girl 32C - 4W  
French Kiss (CCS) Jeff Wood - Our First Kiss 64C - 2W  
Friday Yet Gord Bamford - Is It Friday Yet 64C - 2W  
Galway Girls Sharon Shannon & Steve Earle - Galway Girls 31C - 2W  
Get Down The Fiddle Robert Mizzel - Louisiana Saturday Night 32C - 2W   
Go Crazy (CCS) Dylan Scott – Makin‘ This Boy Crazy 64C - 2W   
Good News (CCS) Shenandoah - Good News Travels Fast 64C - 2W  
Grandma`s Featherbed John Denver - Grandma's Featherbed 32C - 2W   
Gravity (CCS) Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers - Gravity 32C - 2W   
Great Gamble (CCS) Blue County - Losing At Loving 64C - 2W  
Hearts And Flowers Dave Sheriff - Hearts And Flowers 32C - 4W   
Hey Boss (CCS) Vince Gill - One More Last Chance 68C - 2W  
Hey Brother Avicii - Hey Brother 36C - 4W   
Hey Girl Mo Pitney - Come Do A Little Life 32C - 4W   
Hooked On Country Vince Gill - A Little More Love 28C - 4W  
Hold The Line Stuart Moyles - Hold The Line 32C - 4W    
Home to Louisiana Ann Tayler - Home to Louisiana 32C-4W   
I.D. Michael Patrick Kelly - ID (feat. Gentleman) 32C - 4W   
Independence Day Martina McBride - Independence Day 24C - 4W  
Irish Stew Shamrock - Irish Stew 32C - 4W   
Jackson Strait (PT) Allan Jackson - Designated Drinker     
Jacobs Ladder The Woolpackers - Blue Rodeo 48C - 4W   
Jailhouse Creole Billy Swan - Jailhouse Rock / King Creole 32C - 4W   
Jamaica Run Tomeu Penya - Convence A Tu Mamá 32C - 4W   
Jambalaya Led Loader & The Barrels - Jambalaya    
Julian (CCS) Julian Austin - Legs 64C - 1W   
Jumping Jack Flash (CCS) Little Big Town - Pavement Ends 80C - 2W   
John Deere (CCS) Robert Mizell - John Deere Beer     
JR (CCS) Joey & Rory - All You Need Is Me 32C - 4W   
Just A Girl Lady Antebellum - Just A Girl 32C - 2W   
Just A Memory Dean Brothers - Memories Are Made Of This 64C - 2W   
Lay Low Josh Turn - Lay Low 32C - 4W   
Lettin' Go (CCS) Josh Kelly - Ain't Lettin' Go 64C - 2W  
Like A Rose For 2 (PT) Ashley Monroe - Like a Rose 64C   
Little Princess (CCS) Zingga - That's What I Want to Say 72C - 2W  
Lonely Drum Aaron Goodvin - Lonely Drum 32C - 4W  
Long Long Way Alan Jackson - Long Long Way 64C - 4W   
Long Pride Neal McCoy - It's Gonna Take a Little Bit Longer 32C - 4W  
Look Around Shane O`Dazier - Take A Look Around 32C - 4W   
Love Junk Steve Moakler - Love Drunk 32C - 2W   
Love Trick Trick Pony - What's Not To Love 32C - 4W  
Love's Gonna Make It George Strait - Love's Gonna Make It Alright 32C - 4W  
M&D Derek Ryan - Dancing In The MoonLight 32C - 4W  
Magic Moments Dean Brothers - Magic Moments 24C - 4W   
Make It Up Mirinda Lambert - I Wanna Die 32C - 4W   
Mamma Maria Ricchi & Poveri - Mamma Maria 32C - 4W   
Mexican Wind (PT) Jane Browne - Mexican Wind     
Missing William Michael Morgan - Missing 32C - 4W   
Money, Money, Money Scooter Lee - Splish Splash 32C - 4W   
My Utopia John Arthur Martinez 32C - 2W   
Nancy Mulligan Ed Sheeran - Nancy Mulligan 32C - 4W   
Not Fair Lilly Allen - Not Fair 32C - 4W  
Open Heart Cowboy (CCS) Dean Brody - Little Yellow Blanket 64C - 2W   
Paris (CCS) Calaisa - Sunday Paper 64C - 2W  
Patsy Fagan Derek Ryan - Patsy Fagan 32C - 4W   
People are Crazy Billy Currington - People are Crazy 64C - 4W   
Petit Tiago Rob Wilson - Rough Around The Edges 64C - 2W  
Pizziricco The Mavericks - Pizziricco 32C - 4W  
Pretty Boy (CCS) Billy Gilman - I Think She Likes Me 64C - 2W  
Recreation Land (CCS) Tristan Horncastle - Recreation Land 112C - 2W  
Rio Mestizzo - Patricia 32C - 4W  
Rodeo - Showtanz Boss Hoss - Rodeo     
Romping Stomping (Stomping It Out) Barry Upton - Shooting From The Hip 32C - 4W   
Rose-A-Lee Smokie - Rose-A-Lee 48C - 4W   
Rose Garden Scooter Lee - Rose Garden 32C - 4W   
Rufus (PT) Circle Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe 32C  
Rumba Stroll (PT) Johnny Reid - A Woman Like You     
Sassy Shannay (PT) The Mavericks -  All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down     
She Knows (CCS) Dan & Shay - Can´t Say No 64C - 2W  
Shot Of Glory (CCS) The Washboard Union - Shot Of Glory 112C - 2W  
Sixteen Step (PT) Dirks Bentley - Free And Easy 24C   
Sirtaki (Ghost Train) Sirtaki 32C - 4W   
Sissi's Dance (PT) Alan Jackson - Her Life's A Song     
Somebody Like You Keith Urban - Somebody Like You 48C - 2W   
Something In The Water Brooke Fraser - Something In The Water 32C - 4W   
St. Bernadus Waltz (PT) Major Dundee Band - Red River Rosie     
Starter Step The Tractors - Baby Like To Rock It 32C - 4W  
Stitch It Up Dean Brother - Elvis Medley 64C - 4W   
Story Drake White - Story 32C - 4W   
Stroll Along Robbie Williams - Something Stupid 32C - 4W   
Strong Bounds Dwight Yoakam with Michelle Branch - Long Goodbye 64C - 2W   
Summerfly Hayley Westenra - Summer Fly 32C - 2W   
Sunbeam (CCS) Jack County - Sunbeam 64C - 2W  
Sweet Dummy (CCS) The Mc Clymonts - Shotgun 64C - 2W  
Sweet Johnny (CCS) Scooter Lee - Swing Low Sweet Chariot Phrased  
Tag On Beccy Cole - To Strong To Break 64C - 2W   
Tango With The Sheriff (PT) Dave Sheriff - Tango Cha     
The Black Pearl Scotty - The Black Pearl     
The World Brad Paisley - The World 64C - 4W   
This & That Mark Chesnut - Woman 32C - 4W   
Three Teachers (CCS) The Washboard Union - Head Over Heels 32C - 4W   
Tinkabelle TinkaBell - Hold On 32C - 4W   
Toes Zac Brown Band - Toes 32C - 4W  
Tour In Mexiko (CCS) Coffey Anderson - Go To Mexico 32C - 2W  
Travelling Gypsy (PT) Kellie Pickler - Travelling Gypsy 64C Circle  
Truck A Truck (CCS) The Road Hammers - A Girl Who Loves To Truck 32C - 4W   
Tush Push Hank Williams Jr. - Born To Boogie 40C - 4W   
Walking Backwards Brandon Sandefur - Walking Backward 32C - 4W  
Wake Me Up Derek Ryan - Wake Me Up 32C - 4W   
Wave On Wave Pat Green - Wave On Wave 32C - 2W   
We Go Home Adam Cohen - We Go Home 32C - 4W   
We Went Randy Houser - We Went 32C - 4W   
Where I Belong Alan Jackson - That's Where I Belong 32C - 4W  
White Rose Toby Keith - White Rose 36C - 4W   
Wildfire (CCS) Aaron Watson - Wildfire 96C - 4W  
Wings Of Love (PT) Vince Gill - What If I Say Goodbye 48C Circle   
Ya Come Down (CCS) Derek Ryan - Won´t Ya Come Down 64C - 2W    
Yaboy (CCS) Nathan Carter - Long Time Gone 64C - 2W   
Yellowstone Road (CCS) Tim Hicks – Nothing On You And Me 132C - 2W   
You Get It (CCS) Bryce Pallister - Ready To Go Phrased   
You Mean To Me (CCS) Tori Darke - Karma 64C - 2W   



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